Robin Wilson

Remote sensing academic

I'm an aspiring academic in the field of remote sensing. My research interests are explained elsewhere, this page focuses on my other skills and academic history.

For a more formal description of my skills and history download my CV.


  • Geospatial Software: ENVI ArcGIS Open-Source GIS
  • Programming: IDL Python R Java Android HTML/CSS
  • Computing: Windows Unix/Linux Office applications High Performance Computing
  • Others: Electronics Data Logging

Academic History

  • PhD Complex Systems Simulation (Geography) - University of Southampton
    My experience of research during my undergraduate degree led me to start PhD research with the same supervisor through the Institute for Complex Systems Simulation also at Southampton. My PhD is a four year Doctoral Training PhD which consists of a first year with training in essential skills and subject-specific knowledge (a little like a MSc course), a summer project (a little like a MSc dissertation) and then a standard three year PhD.
  • BSc Geography - University of Southampton
    First Class with the highest mark in my year
    I did my undergraduate degree from 2007-2010 in the School of Geography, University of Southampton. I completed a wide range of modules in fields as diverse as geomorphology, environmental change, remote sensing and the history of science. My undergraduate dissertation (supervised by Prof. E.J. Milton) was entitled Automated Selection of Suitable Atmospheric Calibration Sites for Satellite Imagery and gained a mark of 81%.