Robin Wilson

Remote sensing academic

While studying for my BSc Geography I wrote a number of large pieces of coursework, some of which are shown below. It should be noted that these pieces of work are not of as high a standard as my dissertation, but they may be interesting to other people.

Please contact me if you find any of these pieces of work useful or if you have any comments.

If you're doing any of these modules as part of your University of Southampton degree then please don't bother copying these reports. The university uses anti-plagiarism software, and you will be caught and punished.

Investigation of The Relative Sensitivity of Drainage Basins to Climate Change in Semi-Arid and Humid-Temperate Environments

This piece of work was carried out for the GEOG2016 course Drainage Basin Geomorphology. It gained a mark of 90%, with a comment from the lecturer saying that this was by far the best piece of work he had seen in five years of running the course. It uses the WILSIM model to simulate climate change in two drainage basins: the River Tyne (North England) and Walnut Gulch (Arizona). Download: PDF (1.2Mb, 42 pages)

The Effect of Surface Moisture on Dunefield Self-Organisation

This piece of work was carried out for the GEOG3048 course Aeolian Systems and Geomorphic Modelling. It gained a mark of 86%. It uses the DECAL model to simulate changes in White Sands Dunefield (New Mexico) due to changes in surface moisture. The self-organisation of the dunes in the model results was analysed using GIS-based Nearest Neighbour Analysis. Download: PDF (2.1Mb, 21 pages)

Access to Public Green Space in Eastleigh, Hampshire

This piece of work was carried out for the GEOG3006 course Advanced GIS. It gained a mark of 79%. It uses ArcGIS Network Analyst tools along with Ordnance Survey ITN data to produce maps showing ease of access to public green space in an area of Eastleigh. Statistics are also calculated to show how well Eastleigh fulfils national green space access standards (for example ANGSt). Download: PDF (4.1Mb, 27 pages)