Robin Wilson

Remote sensing academic

22nd February 2012 - Updated website design

The website has been updated significantly with a new layout and more details on my PhD work

16th January 2012 - First journal paper submitted

I've just submitted my first ever journal paper. It's been sent off to Remote Sensing of Environment, and is entitled On the accuracy of visibility-derived estimates of Aerosol Optical Thickness. I'm now entering the long wait for referees comments - let's hope it goes well.

16th June 2011 - DTC Year marks released - 74.5% average

I have just received my (provisional) marks for my Doctoral Training Year. During this year I took a number of modules, some designed specifically for students doing the PhD programme that I am on, and some which were from other courses elsewhere in the university. This means that I was taking a number of modules for which I did not have the prerequisites. Overall I gained an average of 74.5%, which is a First Class mark. My highest mark was 82%, and my lowest 68%.

22nd January 2011 - RTWTools for ArcGIS in use in city police department

I have received an email from an employee of the police department in Henderson City, Nevada, USA, thanking me for releasing RTWTools for ArcGIS (a set of free tools for ArcGIS) and stating how useful they have been in helping their GIS analyses.

24th September 2010 - Interview published in Geographical magazine

An interview with me has been published in the I'm a Geographer supplement of the latest issue of Geographical Magazine. The supplement is available as a PDF (my bit starts on page 6 of the PDF) and the reference for this article in the magazine is:
Royal Geographical Society, 2010, 'I'm a geographer', Geographical Magazine, September 2010 issue, p52

31st August 2010 - Dissertation "Highly Commended" in RGS-IBG Competition

I've just found out that my dissertation had been sumitted for the dissertation prize of the Quantitative Methods Research Group (part of the Royal Geographical Society with Institute of British Geographers). My dissertation was "highly commended" by the panel, and was of "a significantly higher standard than the rest", thus "presenting a tough choice to the judges". Sadly I didn't win outright, but as only two students were "highly commended" I am very pleased. For the official announcement see the QMRG website.

28th July 2010 - Submitted Global Sand Seas Poster Abstract

I have just submitted an abstract for the Global Sand Seas conference at the RGS-IBG, London in October. I will be presenting a poster based on my work on automatically extracting dune pattern metrics from DEMs.

30th June 2010 - Submitted RSPSoc 2010 Conference Paper

I have just submitted my first conference paper, written in collaboration with my supervisor. It will be appearing in the Conference Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society 2010. It will be given out on a CD at the conference, and is also available for download here (PDF, 397kb, 8 pages).

18th June 2010 - Final degree results released

Today my final degree results were released. I gained a First Class mark (72.8% overall) which was the highest mark in my year, making me 1st out of 166 geography students. My dissertation scored 81%, the second highest dissertation mark in the year. All of my module marks for my final semester were First Class marks (> 70%). My full marks transcript is available for download (PDF, 158Kb, 1 page)