Robin Wilson


If you wish to use any of my work, or any of the ideas from my work, then you will need to reference me. The references you should use for different pieces of my work are below. They are provided in the Harvard referencing style; please feel free to adapt them if needed, ensuring that you keep all of the important information intact.

Please note that I would appreciate an email if you use any of my work, so that I can keep track of my citations.


This is the best bit of work I have produced so far, so is most likely to be referenced. The reference below should be used:

Wilson, R. T., 2010, Automated Selection of Suitable Atmospheric Calibration Sites for Satellite Imagery, Undergraduate Dissertation, University of Southampton, [Available at]


If you want to reference something on this website which has not been published as a separate document then the reference below should be used:

Wilson, R. T., 2010, Robin Wilson's Academic Homepage, [Available at]